Catch of the Day: Watch This Killer Whale Live Up To Its Name and Destroy a Great White

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I think we need a bigger shark.

In the video above, you can see the killer whale take the great white shark down a peg or two. This orca spots a shark on a calm swim around the Monterey Bay, opens wide, and takes a bite. Then, it just drags this shark around the bay like it were nothing. 

This is actually really rare type of footage, according to Katyln Taylor from Monterey Bay Whale Watch.

“A lot of times when we see offshore killer whales it’s hard to tell what they are eating. We hardly ever get footage to see what it actually is,” Taylor told Monterey County Weekly. “They specialize in sharks, and probably some types of offshore fish. It’s pretty lucky to see them.”

Drone photographer and videographer Slater Moore caught the footage via drone because what are those things good for if not delivering packages and watching a whale eat a shark.

So, if you and your friends have a bet about who would win in a fight Free Willy or Jaws, you have your answer.

via Total Film

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