Farmer Saves Fox Cubs By Performing An Emergency C-Section

What starts off as a sad story soon turns into a 'Fox and the Hound' tale. Only without the hound and the heartache of abandonment. Well, maybe a little heartache. Chris Rolfe, a farmer from Haywards Heath, West Sussex, had been checking on his pregnant ewes when he saw a car hit a fox on his way home. He immediately went to check on the fox when he noticed it was a vixen and there was movement of cubs inside her belly. Thinking quickly, he performed a C-Section and pulled out the pups.

Story via BBC News

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    He quickly took the cubs over to his mother

    Fox Cubs Rescued By Emergency C-Section

    He took the cubs straight to his mother as she has had plenty of experience in the past including foxes, rabbits, and hedgehogs. Mrs. Rolfe told BBC News, "Chris wasn't expecting them to survive but he wanted to try. It's miraculous they did." 

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    Mrs Rolfe and her son Chris immediately cleaned, dried and made the cubs warm, then started to feed them puppy milk every 20 minutes.

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    Mrs. Rolfe said. "a very long night", and it was not until they were five weeks old that they would go more than three hours without a feed, day or night.

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    In total there are 4 cubs, the only girl of the group named Biscuit, a boy named Ginger and two others named Little-To and Big-Tip due to their tail markings

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    Once they are old enough, they plan on releasing the cubs into the wild.

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    But letting go is never easy. "On a purely selfish note, it's going to be incredibly difficult to let them go. But they are wild animals and the aim has always been to get them back out and hope they can use this second chance to live long and happy lives where they belong," said Mrs. Rolfe. "It's so exciting to have got them to this point, they're really quite amazing."

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    At the end of May, when the cubs are 10 weeks old, they will be handed to The Fox Project, a charity which looks after about 900 injured or abandoned foxes every year.

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    Founder of The Fox Project, Trevor Williams, said they will be housed in a large pen to help them adjust to outdoor life, before being released.

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    Family portrait of Mrs Rolfe, son Chris Rolfe, and the four cubs they rescued

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