Explanation of the Day: This Video Dissects How Donald Trump Tweets — Interesting!

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How does Trump bring the world to its knees in 140 characters? This YouTuber things he knows the answer.

President-elect Donald Trump, the reality-TV gameshow host who won the presidency last year, can cause an international incident with only the power of his thumbs. Through Twitter, Trump delivers the unfiltered id that is our next four years, but what is he looking to accomplish by sending so many into a panic? There isn’t a whole lot of room for nuance or explanation in a Tweet, and those details are critical. Now, as his incoming press secretary said that he’ll be making major policy announcements via Twitter, it’s worth understanding how Trump tweets.

via Reality TV Gifs

This video from the Nerdwriter does a great job breaking down the tweets by device, tone, and punctuation to come to this conclusion: Trump isn’t using Twitter like a politician, he’s using it like regular person. Trump tweets for impact, and he knows how to do it. The Nerdwriter gets into some of the science of tweeting and more. Check it out. 

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