The Next Nintendo Console May Not be Region Locked

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If you're frustrated that you can't play import games on your current gen Nintendo system, hold out hope; Iwata has suggested that the company's next console, codenamed NX, may not be region locked.  In response to a question about lifting region locks at an investors meeting, Iwata said:

My understanding is that it is not realistic on the existing video game systems because unlocking them after they are already on the market poses a number of hurdles. On the other hand, regarding NX, we understand that many consumers hold such opinions and such suggestions exist in the market, and although we have nothing concrete at the moment, we are internally analyzing what hurdles exist to lifting region locks. That is the situation right now. We acknowledge your request, and I personally want to give it positive consideration.

It's not a yes, exactly, but it's at least under consideration.  Shut up and take my region away (and my money, all of my money)!

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