Xbox Released Its Own Body Wash and People Had Jokes

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    Product - FRPSSPressStartAustralia START PressStartAU Follow An Xbox Inspired Lynx Range Is Hitting Australia press- .. XL XBOX XBOX XBOX XBOX L UF YER GANE GAME IFIR GAME AVE >
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    Text - Ted Hudek Follow @tedhudek Now if I just had a waterproof controller
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    Text - Lance Dixon Follow @LDixon 3 I'm guessing Mountain Dew: Code Red mouthwash is next? | Microsoft is making Xbox body wash
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    Text - Kyle Daly @dalykyle Follow contemplating Gamer Wash and being overcome with an overwhelming weltschmerz
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    Text - Brianna Wu Follow BriannaWu Gamers get Xbox brand Axe Body Spray. Our scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
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    Text - Mike Murphy Follow @mcwm Microsoft to Xbox owners: you smell
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    Text - Megan Farokhmanesh Follow @Megan Nicolett incredible that they managed to capture me screaming "ma! MA! THE TAQUITOS" into a scent
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    White - Matthew Manor Follow @kingmanor Replying to @merrittk AXE BOX
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    Text - Ginny Woo Follow @ginnywoes Replying to@merritk willing to facilitate this nonsense and also take one for the team here in NZ by interviewing members of the public about where the products rank on a scale of 1 to gamers rising up
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    Text - Daring duck of E3 predictions Follow @realedc30 Replying to @ginnywoes @merrittk You know out there someone is like ah along with my Gamer Fuel and Gamer Grub this will make my life complete!
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    Text - Ryan Broderick Follow @broderick it's 2028, your husband comes out of the shower smelling like Xbox Body Wash as you're restocking your Charmin megaroll, neither of you remember how to use a door bell. your heart is full
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    Text - ellie sunakawa Follow @elliesunakawa mom said it's MY turn to use the Xbox.. body wash?
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    Text - Rob Stott Follow @Rob Stott A lot of people seem confused by the Xbox Lynx three-in-one wash. The three uses are Body, hair, and to zest up a summer salad
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    Text - Motherboard Follow emotherboard You can smell like a gamer with Lynx's new Xbox body wash
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    Product - TrueBigBrain Follow TrueBrainGenius Gamers have no cultu- XL XBOX XBOX XBOX XBOX LYNX LFT LFT UR GAME GAME GANE Microsoft is making Xbox body wash Produced in partnership with the makers of Axe body spray


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