Trump of the Day: Donald Trumps Troll Tour Continues as He Gives Out Lindsey Graham's Phone Number

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Donald Trump gave out lindsey graham's phone number
Via NBC News
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Trolling has never been much of a presidential campaign strategy. That is until Donald Trump entered the 2016 race.

After he got into some hot water over the weekend after saying that Senator John McCain wasn't a war hero because he was captured, Trump decided to dive even further into that hot water July 21. There has been a growing beef between Trump and former Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, another 2016 presidential contender. Trump took things a step further according to NBC news.

Appearing in the home state of South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who recently labeled Trump "a jackass," Trump claimed that Graham -- whom he called a "lightweight" and a "stiff" -- had once called him to ask for help secure appearances on FOX News.

Brandishing a piece of paper with a telephone number, Trump added: "So he gave me his number, and I found the card! I wrote the number down!"

"Let's give it a try," he suggested to the crowd, reading the number twice aloud to the audience.

Trump acknowledged that the number was several years old and might no longer be in service but added "I don't know, give it a shot."

Apparently, he got the number right.

You can watch the whole of the amazing speech right here:

What's even more, this tactic seems to be working for him. Trump has taken the lead in most national polls as the country prepares to ramp up for a very busy primary season starting next February.

Judging by those statistics, he's probably not going to change up his strategies any time soon.

As if Trump's Twitter account wasn't entertaining enough.

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