Daredevil Team Might Have Just Leaked News About Doctor Strange

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Via /Film
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In an interview with the folks running Daredevil on Netflix, /Film uncovered this neat tidbit of information:

Daredevil fans might appreciate one trivia tidbit about why Rosario Dawson’s character on the show is Claire Temple, rather than Linda Carter, aka Night Nurse. The simple reason is that we might see Night Nurse in a Marvel movie! “The feature side had plans for her down the road so that was the only time we ran into a conflict,” DeKnight said. “So we just used another name.”
With Marvel's slate of movies between now and 2019 already announced, it's not hard to figure out which upcoming Marvel hero she'd most likely be hanging out with, btw... it's Doctor Strange.

And since we know Rachel McAdams is in talks for the female lead, we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best!

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