This Guy Pulled Out All The Stops on His Proposal and Got Shot Down, and Holy Shit, I've Died of Cringe

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Bros, let's be real here, just becuase you think you're acting like a gentleman doesn't mean you are. 

Now we don't know the full story here or any of the story really, all we see is this dude getting clowned hard. However, judging by the violin, he's probably the type of dude to wear a fedora and call women "m'lady," WHICH NO ONE WANTS EVER. I mean, least of all this woman, who will not be forced into a marriage with such a herbert. 

She shuts him down, the violin player laughs, and the food court (the perfect setting for every romantic occasion) applauds in approval. Let this be a lesson to you all: Only propose when you're absolutely sure that your partner will say yes. Don't be like this sad bastard. 

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