If I Fits, I Sits. You Got a Problem With That?

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lions funny image If I Fits, I Sits. You Got a Problem With That?
Via sec22
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Can't argue with the rules. Sometimes, you'll find a cat in a very disadvantageous situation as it has forced itself into a very small or strange space / position, that mostly requires your efforts to extricate them from that situation. Clearly size doesn't change this rule of thumb, because this lion has taken it to a whole new level. Now I'd like to see the trainer that wants to cart that cat around all day. Here's hoping he leaves a tip. But regardless of how these cats manage to get themselves into such compromised positions, they do provide us with endless hours of fun through these antics. And the only thing better than one silly lion, is a whole page of goofy big cats that despite their size and reputation, are just a bunch of troublemakers at heart.

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