Dickhead Keeps Using the N-Word, Woman Cleans His Clock and Then His Pants Fall Down

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Via Live Leak
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If I've said it before, I've said it a hundred times: Nothing makes a fight better like someone's pants falling down. 

Here we have a classic example of why racism will get you smacked. According to the video, this guy got "jumped by some black people so he's a little pissed off." He's at the convenient store complaining about it, while a woman is trying to live her goddamn life. As these things tend to go, he keeps using the n-word, and "he kept on doing it to her over and over again." What happened? I think you can figure it out:

It goes without saying that racism will get you beat up. Sorry, but that's just how the world works. You can't just be blaming one problem you had on a whole group of people, and more so than that, you can't be using the n-word. 

But man, is there anything more pathetic than getting beat up and then having your pants fall down. So good. 

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