World Leaders Cast as Transformers by Gunduz Aghayev

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Gunduz Agayev, an artist acclaimed for his work on illustration series such as, "Just Leaders", "War and Peace", and "Imagine" is back with a new collection he calls, "Transformers".

In this series Agayev casts politicians as transformers. Check out the leader of North Korea, the British Queen, and many others. Who'd administer unrivaled power over them all though?

Pretty sure this Putin could take Galvatron for a walk round the kickass block, while he juggled Soundwave and Starscream. Yeah, he'd be a Decepticon, for sure.

That Trump tidbit though. Are we even surprised?

Oh what's up Kim Jong-un?

Well Angela Merkel woke up on the right side of the bed.

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