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A New Cat Species Was Discovered In Corsica: Please Welcome The "Cat-Fox"

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    At first, it appears much like an ordinary furry domestic cat.

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    But take a closer look and you'll find that it is much longer than an average cat, measuring around 90cms, its ears are larger, it has overly developped canines and the tip of its tail ends in a black tuft.

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    The gray-tailed critter had long prowled the island — but officials only recently determined it may be an extraordinary hybrid of fox and cat.

    long cat

    With wide ears and black rings on the tail, the feline appears to be a fox, but its silky-hair and facial features are characteristics of a domestic cat, experts said.

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    The ONCFS has identified 16 fox-cats on the French Island and has captured 12, including a female. All were released after a quick review

    long cat

    Once asleep, the silky-haired feline, very similar to the classic domestic cat for the uninitiated, was studied by experts that discovered he had a very long tail with 2-4 rings, very wide ears, short whiskers, red-rust color on the belly and a zebra characteristics on his front legs.    

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    the Corsica cat-fox has existed for some time in local legend

    long cat - Cat

    It is described in the literature, and by shepherds who have lost herds of goats to it, but this is the first time anything scientific has been put forward.

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