Kid Whose Fish Accidentally Swam in Spicy Water Gets Comforted with Science

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    spicy fish - Text - r/tifu Posted by u/nizzyy99 19 hours ago TIFU by Making my Pet Fish Swim in Spicy Water New redditor and first time poster (on mobile), so forgive me for any formatting/grammatical errors. TL:DR at the bottom This FU is more so my parents than mine, but I definately had a part to play in it. It all started 2 nights ago. My parents were having guests over the following day for lunch, and asked me to fill up the water tank. Since it gets loud when the pump drops water onto the
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    spicy fish - Text - All is well and I decide to call it a night. I wake up the next day to both my parents telling about the miracle that happened after I fell asleep. My single fish is a small Cory catfish, and anyone familiar with them knows they often dash up to the surface for air Shortly after I went to sleep, my parents walked near the tank to see my fish on the floor. Since I just filled the tank, they figured he must've jumped right out and onto the floor. My dad thought it was a wrap, b
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    spicy fish - Text - What a relief... The little guy must've put up one hell of a fight. The following day my parents are telling their friends who came over about what they did and how amazing this miracle was. Fast forward to 15 minutes ago. I come home from my friends place and decide to feed my fish before sleeping as I always do. I see something on the top of the tank hidden in the corner... The fuck is that??? My heart drops and I'm shocked. Did he die because of the trauma he must've had f
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    spicy fish - Text - I look closer and I see what looks like my fish curled up on his side, but I decide to look at the bottom of the tank in a small battleship I have for him anyways to confirm I see him inside. What a relief... AGAIN. I look back up The fuck is that then??? I inspect it closer. What my parents so "miraculously" saved was in fact a chilli pepper. My FU? Not noticing sooner. I must've noticed about 48 hours after the pepper was put in. The pepper was soggy and curled, giving the
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    spicy fish - Text - TL:DR... Filled up water tank since it got low 2 nights ago. Parents saw my fish on the floor an hour later. Decided to put him back in the tank anyways hoping for a miracle, only to see him swimming around the next day. Fast forward to today and I see what looks like a dead fish, only to realize what my parents "saved" was a chilli pepper. My fish was swimming in spicy water for 2 days. Sorry Mr. Foshie
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    spicy fish - Text - DuePomegranate 5.3k points 17 hours ago . edited 14 hours ago I just spent quite a few minutes of my life trying to find out whether fish have receptors for capsaicin (the spicy chemical). Birds don't, and that's why birds eat chilli peppers and spread their seeds by pooping (which is good for the plant), but mammals are deterred from doing so. My verdict is that your fish probably didn't suffer much. 1. 4061104/ These wacky resea
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    spicy fish - Text - 2) shows/mythbusters/mythbusters-database/chilies- shark-deterrent/ Mythbusters tested the myth of using chilli peppers deter sharks. The sharks bit through balloons filled with habanero concentrate and were not deterred. So I hope this puts your mind to ease and hopefully your fish is fine EDIT: Wow, thanks for the silver! It pays to do research on weird topics!


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