The First Official Images From Pokemon GO Just Hit The Internet, And They're More Mouthwatering Than 100K Rare Candies

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Niantic set out to break down the barrier between purely handheld Pokemon gaming, and actually being able to train and battle, and capture Pokemon IRL, with their real world gaming platform Pokemon GO.

If these three images are any indication of what we might be able to expect from Pokemon GO and the platforms unique mobile location tech. / augmented reality gaming effectiveness; well then we are in for a mighty fine treat, indeed. 

Just like the game players can only catch certain wild Pokemon in certain native environments. You're not about to find a Wailord straight chillin' in a sandbox at your nearest park. And much like how the game works, you'll have to get those steps in to hatch any eggs you acquire.

I just can't wait for the battles to start up. Come at me bro. An early user field test hits Japan soon and there's no release date, so realistically it's probably time to cruise over there.

And just in case your juices were't already flowing, here is some footage from the SXSW Gaming Panel to give you a better look at Pokemon GO in action.

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