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These Yellow Jacket 'Super Nests' In Alabama Are Down-Right Terrifying

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    Why Alabama?

    yellow jackets nest - Land vehicle

    Ray says it's likely that this is happening in Alabama due to it's mild winter and plentiful food offerings for the insects. 

    This image here is the largest nest Ray has set his eyes on, a yellow jacket nest that took up the interior of a 1957 Chevy.

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    The "super nests" appeared before, following the mild winter in 2005-2006

    yellow jackets nest - Wood

    Ray saw 90 super nests that year. 

    Here is another super nest that made it's home on some unfortunate souls porch. 

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    What's the difference between a wasp nest and a beehive?

    yellow jackets nest - Tree

    And if you weren't aware, Yellow Jackets are way worse than your average honeybee. These wasps are smart, very defensive and will mercilessly sting a person who gets within 14 inches (36 centimeters) of the nest's opening. 

    And, unlike honeybees, they can sting multiple times -- WITHOUT dying. Luckily, Ray says, they have less venom to inject following the first initial sting. At least that's something, right?

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    What can you do if you a "super nest" appears in or around your home?

    yellow jackets nest - Membrane-winged insect

    Call an exterminator. Do not try and dispose of it yourself -- that could end badly. 

    Read more about these wasps and their "super nests" at LiveScience.

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    Close-up of a Yellow Jacket queen

    yellow jackets nest - Insect

    Read more about these wasps and their "super nests" at LiveScience.


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