Marvel Unveils Captain America's True Allegiance to Hydra, and the Internet's Already Going Wild

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When Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 went on sale this morning, it's fair to say the great many of us didn't anticipate the shocking Steve Rogers Hydra Agent twist.

TIME managed to sit down with Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort to pick his brain about the decision. Considering the interview in full, we learn that this was a strategic move on the comic book writer Nick Spencer's part to 'restore youth and vigor' to Cap'n, post super soldier serum-breakdown. The massive reveal has been in the works for more than a year. 

Kind of interesting to think about how this will impact the wider scope of the Marvel Universe, don't you think? The fact that someone named Captain America is literally revealed as having a perverse allegiance to an organization with these beliefs. A few of my favorite reactions from the internet to this news, to surface so far:

I'd encourage you to check out the interview from TIME with Marvel Exec. Editor in full over here!

Let's get a discussion rolling on any and all thoughts, complaints, predictions in light of the news encircling Cap'n 'Hydra' today.

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