Wake Up You Fool!

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By DerpyNight (Via KikiRDCZ)
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Soarin: [slowly walks into locker room]
Dash: Hey, Soarin! Soarin: Huh? [tiredly looks Dash's direction] Oh, hey Rainb- [slips]
Dash: [quickly supports him with her wing] uh, watch where you're going [chuckles]
Soarin: Thanks [yawns loudly]
Dash: Oh wow, are you really as tired as you look like you are?
Soarin: Well, I didn't get much sleep last night. I had a lot of paperwork to do.
Dash: [sigh] You won't be able to fly in this condition. You should ask Spitfire about taking day off. I can ask her if you-
Soarin: [wraps hoof around her and rests his head on hers]
Dash: Um.. Soarin? [looks up blushing]
Soarin: [snores]
Dash: [her face turns red] Don't tell me you just.... ugh, WAKE UP YOU FOOL! [shakes with him]

Meanwhile in another part of locker room...
Spitfire: You know, I actually thought about-
Fleetfoot: [tries to not laugh]
Spitfire: Did I say something funny or..?
Fleetfoot: Behind you [points at Soarin and laughs]
Spitfire: What? [confused, looks behind]
Sweet Celestia, did he just pass out on Crash's head? [laughs slightly]
Fleetfoot: Yep! [dying of laughter]

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