This Guy Leaves 3D Model Pokémon out for Pokémon GO! Players, Instead of Yelling at 'Em to Get off His Lawn

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Via mirror.co
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It's practically a give at this point that your Pokémon GO! adventures will take you off the beaten path, and maybe even tempt you to go exploring your neighbors' properties with the utmost caution...naturally, this pisses the hell out of some folks who just want to be left alone like this chick...

Well, not Matthew Beaman. Beaman's been busy depositing 3D models of Pokémon for players at Poké Stops around Ikfracombe, Devon. He wanted to leave players souvenirs that'll last off their screens.

"I thought rather than leaving it just to chance I should let people have some fun with it.

"I've had people shouting thank you at me in the street."

Damn right. You are the MAN.

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