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Dedicated Hoarder Attempts to Cover Whiterun with Trash Items in Skyrim

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    Tales of a Hoarder Living in Skyrim

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    My 200 lb inventory was filled before I had my key to Breezehome so I claimed it by putting everything on the front porch

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    Then my inventory filled again before I had the key

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    After collecting 600 pounds of trash, I had the option to get the key but did not. I had in mind to claim Whiterun as my own.

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    It quickly started impending pedestrian traffic

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    After a certain point, the pile started glitching the ground, making me go under it when attempting to cross it.

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    In addition to Breezehome, I now own the forge (at this point I had 8 fps in town, wherever I was)

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    "This is as far as I could go with my plan to claim Whiterun. The game engine has some flaws that make the game crash when you cross a treshold of how many items it has to track in a certain area. RIP dream :("


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