Pampered Pooch Loves To Cruise Down The Streets Of NY In His Luxury Cars

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Luigi Maestro is a five-year-old Shih-Tzu who loves treats, attention, and cruising down the streets of New York in one of his four luxury cars. Luigi has a Bentley, a Porche, a Ferrari, and a Beemer. And no, these aren't his mom's cars – these cars are his size, remote controlled, and have a trunks that hold his food and water bowls so he can take a break while he's out on the town. Doting dog mom Anisha Lakhani follows behind at a comfortable distance – close enough to keep an eye on him, far enough that she's not cramping his style! People who see him driving past are quick to pull out their phones and snap a picture. Wouldn't you? Can you imagine a cuter guy in a cooler car?! Via: Iheartdogs

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