Here Are Some Funny Yet Useful Starter Packs For Different Situations In Your Life

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    The "Hey, my 30s are actually turning out to be pretty great" starter pack.

    Text - Although you don't see all of your old friends much anymore, you've grown a lot closer to the two or three friends you do see, and that's all you really ever needed. Feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment for what you do, because you're good at it people rely on you, but still knowing that it doesn't define you as a person. Social anxiety is basically gone, because you're just too old to give a fuck now. No more feeling pressure to "go out" or that you might be "missing out" on anyth
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    Adaptation - Tracing a Call in a 90s Movie Starterpack "Keep him talking!" "5 more seconds!" "He's using a scrambler!" "Got him! He's at "specific address*!" "We lost him" (not actually there)
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    Nose - The "18/19 year old slowly destroying his life" starter pack *Either in Uni/College but isn't motivated or captivated at all "I'm gonna get my shit together" xANAX *Still in his feelings over an ex *Started "Lmao" from the past, doesn't really smoking/vaping, not care about anybody else* C- sure why* *Parents still think he's an angel and just a little unmotivated Hasn't been sober for a week straight in over a year*
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    Product - 2007 sleepover starterpack Wi WiiSports rich friends poor friends
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    Product - getting a job in the 2130s starterpack *lives within same megahabitat as work* NISSIN Employer: so what do you do Employee: I have a PhD in waste data handling, 7 years experience at Exxon-Walt Disney, and a letter of recommendation from the Pacific States president Employer: next AIST Balance: 0.00 Credits COMMANDE D SYSTEM
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    Cartoon - the "boomer artstyle" starter pack I feel hombie: I look old, fat ond ugly I really ned you to pay me acompliment CHECK YOUR MSSAGES I JuKT TED YOUR MNDA OGHTS Your eyesight is damn near perfect overused jokes "phone bad" old and fat characters DADDY Sfe To Cope out yer? extremely large noses Boo AR CARSTANS CRIST shared on fb "wife bad" blatant misunderstanding of topic(s) covered "The groom just called so suy he ll be late He forgot the new video game comes out tod and he's still in
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    Organism - Things My Cat Will Drink Out Of Starter Pack no thanks 6 oh yeah that's the stuff not happening $69.95 nope Price: ohhhh yessss
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    Face - Dad checking in on you during a depressive episode starter pack "hey... doesn't really understand why you're sad but doesn't try to either "champ" "wanna talk about it? "you should let some more light in here" "picks up a random object/toy in your room "buddy" "door open or closed?" "heh, haven't seen one of these in years" "alright, well.. just let me know if there's anything i can do"
  • 9
    Text - The First Time Wearing Glasses Around Your Friends Starter Pack "Are those real?" "CAN I TRY THEM ON???" followed by "WOW YOU'RE BLIND!!!" "I love glasses! I wish I had them" "Can I try them on?" Have you tried contacts?" Still not sure if they suit you or not "Can I try them on?" "They suit you!" "You look better without them "Can I try them on?" Watching helplesly as they get passed around the group
  • 10
    People - Putting change back in your wallet at the grocery starter pack PANIC
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    Facial expression - The "group assignment" starter pack let's finish it next week the useless piece of shit the shy kid the 2 girls that only talk to themselves the kid who actually gives a shit and works
  • 12
    Product - Why do I have headaches all the time starterpack? Great Value lodized Salt e as NETFLIX NEW EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL ULTRA RELIEF TOUGH ON HEADACHES cNICALLE PROVEN suPO EADCHE PAN BE FAST RELIEF OF 20jezl rEsoN READACH SMIRNOFF VODKA
  • 13
    Text - Every Imagine Dragons Song Starter Pack Big Drums Lead singer looks like this during chorus song name is always something from nature or spiritual Always has Lots & Lots of ECHO Crowd Chants Ends up in these commercials happy meaning to song NFL but dark vibe NBA
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  • 14
    Product - The "every cheap italian restaurant" starter pack Probably sticky Restaurant is always named after someone
  • 15
    Motor vehicle - "Things you would've hated as a teen that'd you kill for as an adult" Starter Pack Fuel efficient mid-range car Middle class home in nice neighborhood Excitement Stability Boring 9 to 5 job with stability and benefits A goddamn nap
  • 16
    Font - "I Think She Likes Me" Starter Pack Looks in your general direction Smiles at you Introduces herself TIPS Brings you food, and ask if you need anything else Constantly walk by you Expects a tip at the end of the night
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  • 17
    Product - Going to the mall in 2019 starter pack WEST RIDGE proat MO pood dor HENNG ON SALE! THENO M Remaining stores are probably one of these OIDN E-VAPE SHOP Bath&Body Works
  • 18
    Hand - Nephews coming over Starter Pack "Can I play your Xbox?" utterstsck shutterstck getting scolded by their parents WHAT'S THE WIFI PASSWORD?
  • 19
    Organism - Staring out the car window as a kid starter pack Blinking each time the car lines up with a telephone pole Trying to keep your eyes straight but they somehow always focus on a distant object and follow it Imagining a person/superhero jumping over obstacles
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  • 20
    Product - SEGA Second Choices BURGER KING Starter Pack pepsi 24 LOWE'S GREETINGS Ao Hunts ICHICE TCEE CEEEE Qdoba TY MEXICAN GRILL Peets CELTCS 33 mastercard "you can have a pet" COFFEE Toaster Strendet INIVERSAL STUVIUS Mets FLOR DA
  • 21
    Natural foods - "This is so good, what's your secret?" Starter Pack salted BUTTER seeet creamset w 4e t13g salted BUTTER GRAOC (or) ORGANIO MAin TEPL plant #3-212 sweet cream net wt 4o 13g MORTON APPLE CIDER VINEGAR are w The Mether BUTTER Coarse KOSHER SALT ADRE NOT UPPIY CODOEANEESum Kosher for Passover salted NEWT16 02(1L6)53 (mostly this one)
  • 22
    Product - Working While Attending School Starterpack What time you get off vs. what time you need to wake up Minimum wage job erdy de Sarday XXX'XX XXXV No free time ever, especially on weekends Work until your bank account lcoks like a phone number x100 The walk home WELLA FARG0 A t Sammay CHECKING s9.11 N
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    Human - The "Oh my god you're home!" starter pack rp *your


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