Enraged Pikmin Fans Start Petition for Nintendo to Cancel Pikmin 3DS

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Yesterday we shared the news/trailer for the side-scroller Pikmin 3DS, and since then it appears sh*t has hit the fan. Folks near and far started up the following petition with hopes to put a stop to the development of Pikmin 3DS.

We, as gamers, have had to suffer a Pikmin drought for 4 years.  We heard the hype and heard the promises, and we were finally about to receive absolution on September 1, 2016 with the announcement of a new Pikmin game.  We saw the trailer, and what we saw left our mouths agape at the SLAP IN THE FACE we received from Nintendo of America that a new Pikmin game would play differently from the previous games in the series.  We have been waiting for 4 years for a new Pikmin game.  But we have been denied again despite constant begging and pleading.

But enough is enough. This INSULT will not stand. It's time for Nintendo to start listening to their fans and make a REAL Pikmin game.  This petition is for the summary cancellation of Pikmin 3DS, the announcement of a new Pikmin game, a PROPER title starring Olimar and taking place on Earth and nowhere else.

And for their REPEATED SLIGHTS and INSULTS, we call for the summary resignations and blacklisting of Reggie Betray-Aime, Bill Trinen, JC Rodriguez, and whoever that girl was.  THIS IS THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR DISAPPOINTING US.

FURTHERMORE, this petition is to force Nintendo to formally accept a fan game, Pikmin: The Testament of Fortitude's Error (I haven't finished the title yet) as a token of good faith for VICIOUSLY RUINING and CENSORING OUR CHILDHOODS(Including, but not limited to, mine.)

Meet all of these demands and I'll stop my "spirited correspondence" to your twitter accounts and email when my mother lets me use the internet.


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