Angry Mob of the Day: Fans Really Didn’t Like Kanye West Saying He Would’ve Voted for Trump

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In one of the strangest moments of the strangest year ever, Kanye West decided to tell a crowd of people that he didn’t vote, but if he had, it would’ve been for Trump. Kanye West also announced that he’s running for president, because, hey, if that guy can pull it off than, jeez, who’s to say Kanye can’t.

The consummate showman, West went on to tell his audience, “To black people, stop focusing on racism. We live in a racist country —that is a fact.” Classic rule in showbiz: When you’re losing your audience, double down on the thing they don’t like.

That’s when things started to get even crazier, and people started throwing things at Kanye, presumably tomatoes, like in a 1930s Popeye cartoon because that’s just more fun.

Someone threw something at Kanye that hit him, he's now threatening to cancel the show. "Am I not allowed to have an opinion?"

— Raptor (@RaptorJesuss) November 18, 2016

via @RaptorJesuss

At this point, it definitely felt like even Kanye recognized that he was losing them — honestly, it was probably all the objects being hurled in his general direction that clued him in — so he went on to make more confusing statements.

Part of the Kanye rant where he said he's going to use a different political model in 2020 when he runs. pic.twitter.com/wmc2mLlCfg

— Raptor (@RaptorJesuss) November 18, 2016

via @RaptorJesus

All in all, I think people got what they paid for, which is a great time, listening to some great music.

This isn't the first time Kanye hasn't recieved some real-time feedback. Last year, the crowd at a Golden State Warriors booed the rapper for just being at the game. They did, however, show some love for George Lopez, so again, everything is the weirdest always.