Explanation of the Day: The Daily Show Gives a Rundown of Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

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the daily show with trevor noah explains president donald trump conflicts of interest
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President-elect Donald Trump, the billionaire reality-TV gameshow host who won the presidency in November, is a busy guy. Between tweeting that citizens should be jailed for exercising free speech and trying on new hats, he’s also a wheelin’ and dealin’ business man.

Over the past few weeks, you might have heard something about a few of Trump’s “conflicts of interest,” i.e. he’s not supposed to be doing Trump business stuff while he’s doing Trump president stuff because the constitution. When it comes to things like this, it can be hard to follow due to the fact that business is boring. Thankfully, we have The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, who put together this awesome segment explaining Trump’s conflicts of interest.

Check it out and enjoy the next four years, America!

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