Spider of the Day: See a Giant Spider About to Devour This Lizard

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picture of giant huntsman spider eating a lizard
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Nature is a cruel beast. If you aren’t doing the eating, you’re the one being eaten.

Wish someone had told this lizard that, though.

Another one doing the eating that night was Melanie Jade Ottaway, who sat down to eat dinner when she noticed this gigantic huntsman spider about to chow down on a gecko. The spider sat patiently on a glass door with the lizard hanging out of its mouth. Nature is terrifying.

via A Total Misreading Of

She told The Daily Mail, “'We just sat down to have dinner at the dining table and noticed something massive on the glass sliding door. I got up to have a closer look and there it was, a huge huntsman with a gorgeous little gecko in. It was too late to save him, so we let nature take its path.”

Nature, your cruel ways are a mystery to us all. We march on in fear.

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