Spotify Is Low-Key Offering Obama a Job as President of Playlists

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spotify offers president barack obama job as president of playlists
Via Spotify
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In a little over a week, President Obama is just another nameless schmo, searching the classifieds for a new job and living in his parents’ basement. He’ll probably get an internship or something and start a career in music PR.

Well, maybe Obama should look into a gig at Spotify because it seems like they’re offering a job that he’s especially qualified for: President of Playlists.

The job is live now on Spotify's employement page, so you could apply for it, but you'd have to meet these specific requirements:

  1. Eight years running a highly-regarded nation
  2. Having Kendrick Lamar play your birthday party
  3. Having a Nobel Prize.

Check out the full job description:

via Spotify

Someone forward this to him, he’d be perfect. Does anyone know anyone at Spotify that could put in a good word for him?

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