NYC Woman Finds Neighbor Stuck in a Wall — NY Apartments Hunting is Getting Ridiculous

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nyc man stuck in wall
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It’s no secret that it’s both hard to find and pay for an apartment in New York City. The space gets tighter and the prices get higher.

Which is why is shouldn’t faze anyone that a woman found her neighbor in her wall. That makes sense for New York. What should surprise you is that “inside the wall” isn’t his apartment, it was his access to the roof.

This New York woman, Gyste Margilaj, heard a crash in her kitchen late one evening. When she came to investigate, she could hear a man panting in pain near the vent.

via Reddit

According to Gothamist, “The unnamed man is, according to police sources, Margilaj's new neighbor, who recently moved into an apartment on the fourth floor of the building at East 26th Street. Cops say had been "hanging out" with friends on the roof, as one does on a delightfully frigid January night, when he decided to return to his apartment via an air duct. "Turns out that’s not the way for him to go," a police source dryly told the News.”

Apparently, this guy fell six stories down their shaft only to get stuck in the wall. Like I said, New York City apartments can be hard to find.

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