Party's Over: This Paranoid Anchorman Just Decoded Emojis On TV and It's Definitely Not Embarrassing At All

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fail video newscaster doesn't know anything about emojis
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Here’s my impression of teens: “I think that adults are stupid and don’t understand emojis. They’ll never figure out that I’m using illegal drugs!”

Well, guess what, teens, we’re on to you. Because this Seattle Fox correspondent has cracked the code on your emoji drug operation. Call this video the Rosetta Stone because we know what you mean when you send you flower emojis or eyeball emojis. It means drugs and sex, respectively.

That’s right. We know what’s going on. And don’t try to act like this guy has no idea what he’s talking about and is just kind of winging it on air. He’s a man in a suit. I think he and the cyber experts down at Crime Lab HQ know what’s up.

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