Bookstore Trolling Piers Morgan In Most Bookstore Way Possible and Tweets Entire Harry Potter Book At Him

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This weekend was a great time for people who hate Piers Morgan, roughly 95% of the world. But after being told to please leave Earth by almost everyone on Earth, a bookstore has jumped in the game to pierce Morgan as only a bookstore would.

London's The Big Green Bookshop has started tweeting the entire Harry Potter saga at the man who's life consists of throwing up garbage out of his mouth and finger tips and calling it "commentary" and "thoughts." 

via @Biggreenbooks

Piers is none too happy about it, even though one could surmise that this the type of person who only grows stronger the more people hate him, but still it's fun to mess with him. 

Meanwhile, Piers still doesn't know how to take any kind of criticism and always just ends up sounding like a six-year-old who won't stop hitting himself. 

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