J.K. Rowling Is Trolling Piers Morgan With His Own Words and This Idiot Doesn't Even Know It

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fail piers morgan trolled by jk rowling with own words
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We've been chronicling the ongoing feud between the most famous author on Earth and walking bag of dog shit for a few days now, but I think we've reached peak "J.K. vs. Piers." J.K. has started using Piers' own words against him. 

Yesterday, she tweeted this screen grab

And because this guy just can't stop hitting himself, Piers responded:

Of course, he fell right into her trap because he wrote those words:

via @JamieRoss7

Of course, Piers can't think of a good excuse other than "I meant to do that," like some idiot fifth grader who messes up a cartwheel.

Piers, please stop.

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