Oh Hell Yeah: Sean Spicer Wrote a Letter to the Editor of His College Newspaper After They Called Him "Sean Sphincter"

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Sean Spicer's war with news media didn't begin at the White House. As a matter of fact, back in the earlier 90s, Sean Spicer was a big man on campus at Connecticut College, who, while taking a break from having a million friends and getting laid all the time, was campaigning to ban smoking in college dorms. But the news didn't take him seriously. 

When his college newspaper, the College Voice, reported on his smoking ban, they mistakenly called him "Sean Sphincter" — an easy mistake to make when you're talking about the future most annoying man on your TV. 

Because Sphincter, er, I mean Spicer is unable to take anything in stride, he wrote this letter to the editor over one cinnamon gum-filled evening:

via @KFILE

Thanks a lot College Voice. You've created a monster.

From the editor of the College Voice to Dippin' Dots to Daft Punk, the message is clear: Stay on Spicer's nice list. 

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