Twitter Has a Super-Sized Problem With McDonald’s Serving Half-Filled Fries Containers

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Yes, I would like fries with that — more fries that that, though.

Lots of people on Twitter are complaining about the amount of french fries they get in a large fries from McDonald’s. Apparently, they’re only getting half-filled containers like this:

But also, did this dude check the bottom of the bag? Probably not.

He’s not the only, though. Lots of people are blaming McDonald’s for near-empty containers (as if they didn’t eat them shits on the drive home).

McDonald’s, presumably tired of getting hit up on Twitter finally responded by telling customers to direct their complaints at the point of sale — at least they can then verify that those fries aren’t at the bottom of the bag or in the person’s stomach. They said:

“There is no policy in place which suggests French Fries should be served in a carton that is anything less than full.

“Customer service and experience is one of our top priorities and we are always disappointed to hear when our food falls short of customer’s expectations and our high standards.”

I mean you could also do like a certain reality-TV gameshow host and take your complaints directly to the Grimace:

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