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In Turkey, There Is a Town Built Just For Stray Cats

  • The unique facility was founded by locals within a 10,000-kilometer forest area, perfectly located within a municipal animal shelter.

    turkey cat sanctuary - Cat - KEDI KASABAS

    The facility took around 2 years to build, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and presently provides a safe environment filled with ideal amenities for an amazing 50 cats, who were once homeless without this safe haven.

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  • Street cats are collected and spayed before they are brought to “cat town”.

    turkey cat sanctuary - House

    One of the best ways to combat a growing community of homeless animals is to make sure that spaying and neutering is a top priority. Once the procedure is finished the cats are brought into the community of "Cat Town" where they get to live comfortably.

  • “The facility is like a five-star hotel for cats. Everything that is required for their health and life is provided here,” said Hüseyin Aydin who is a vet and manager of the animal shelter.

    turkey cat sanctuary - Canidae

    The town is fully equipped with a "series" of bridges for climbing, walking tracks for entertainment, and bungalows for optimal comfort in the shelter. In fact, there are enough bungalow options that each cat can decide if it wants to live solo or alongside other cats. 

    Absolutely anything these sweet cats could ever need or want in an entire lifetime is provided for with happiness and eagerness by the facility-  Health, companionship, shelter, you name it and these cats get it!

  • The facility also takes care of cats that are sick and need treatments.

    turkey cat sanctuary - House

    The facility does not discriminate, even taking in "special needs" kitties and provides care from a "resident vet."

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  • More than 200 street cats now reside in this place and they want to expand the area so that 1,000 cats can live there comfortably.

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  • turkey cat sanctuary - Cat
  • turkey cat sanctuary - Cat
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  • turkey cat sanctuary - Tree


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