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Ten Highly Educational GIFs That May Save Your Life

  • How to Get Out After Falling into Ice

    If you live in a place where there's snow, this is some must-know information. Falling through ice isn't uncommon, but it has the potential to be deadly, especially if you don't know what to do. This guy, bless him, deliberately falls through ice in order to educate us about how to get out. 

    To recap, once you fall through, you must resist hyperventilating from the cold. Your body will want to do this, because the cold water increases your heart rate dramatically, but in 1 to 3 minutes your body will acclimatize to the cold. The most important thing to remember it to keep calm. The second most important thing is to get out of the water quickly. 

    Our friend here explains the next part of the process pretty well. Try to make your body horizontal and kick your legs, grabbing the ice in front of you and propelling yourself out. Hopefully it should be as easy as that. If you really can't get out, try to keep as much of your body outside the water as possible. We all remember when Jack died in the Titanic movie, right? And do we know why he died? Because he was in the water and Rose wasn't. It's a lot colder in the water than it is outside. Don't be Jack.

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  • How to Get Out of Quicksand

    Ah, our slippery friend, quicksand. Quicksand isn't a special type of sand with a death wish for you - it is a mixture of two phases of matter (sand and water, clay and water, sediment and water, even sand and air). It can occur anywhere, but it's more common near the coast, riverbanks or marshes. Undisturbed quicksand looks solid, but it's really a gel. 

    So what if you find yourself suddenly sinking in quicksand? First, remember that if quicksand is moved around (from your thrashing), it will turn into liquid. But if you stay still, it solidifies. However, pulling yourself out of solid quicksand isn't as easy as the movies make it out to be. 

    Have you ever been buried in the sand at the beach? Remember how the harder you try to pull your foot out of the sand, the stronger the sand around your foot gets? It's the same with quicksand. The trick is to do everything slowly. Although this GIF makes it look easy, there is definitely a risk of dying when stuck in quicksand (but not the way you think). Slowly lay on your back when possible, and pull or roll your way out. 

  • How to Put Out a Grease Fire

    Somehow, my parents never told me never to put out a grease fire until one day, I very nearly did the exact thing this guy did. So for the love of god, read and absorb what I am about to tell you because it could save your life! 

    So, you're cooking something oily and the pan catches on fire. DO NOT follow your instinct to put water on the fire because this will only make the fire larger and angrier. If it's a small fire, turn off the stove/element and simply cover the pot with a lid. Without oxygen the fire can't continue burning. If the fire is too big for that, smother it with baking soda or salt. We're not talking about a salt shaker - a lot more than that is needed. 

    If all of these steps fail, call 911. And use less oil next time. 

  • The Importance of Hard Hats on Construction Sites

    If you work on a construction site, you probably know about the dangers it poses. But sometimes people forget why rules are rules, so here's a video to remind you just how important hard hats are when on a construction site. No-one wants their head to end up like that watermelon. No-one. 

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  • How To Pick a Lock

    We've all forgotten our keys before. Sometimes, they happen to be in your other pocket. But at other times, the only solution you have is to pick your lock. If this fate befalls you, don't worry. All you need is a couple of bobby pins and the knowledge that this GIF will impart to you. And perhaps this WikiHow page on how to pick a lock. 

  • How to Properly Use a Plaster on Your Finger

    There are some places on your hand that are almost impossible to keep a plaster there. The tip of your finger, on your finger joint are probably the worst parts. Thankfully, someone has created this GIF to show us how exactly to get a plaster on those spots, and keep it there! 

  • How Traffic Jams Happen

    Ah, traffic jams. How much we all hate you. But as much as you would like to honk the brains out of the person in front of you for causing the jam, it's actually not their fault. Or anyone's. As you can see in this GIF, traffic jams kind of just happen on their own accord. 

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  • How to Turn Salt Water into Fresh Water

    If you ever find yourself stranded on a desert island, this is going to be the most useful skill you can learn. First, you'll need to learn to make a fire without matches, then the world is your oyster. Well, the island is. 

  • How to Survive if Stranded on an Island

    Ever since I watched Cast Away, it's been somewhat of an obsession of mine to imagine scenarios in which I'm stranded on an island. Although the chances of it are pretty unlikely, it's still something worth being prepared for in case it ever does happen. My advice? Watch Cast Away for emotional preparation and watch this GIF for practical preparation. 

  • How the Navy Seals Get Over Walls

    How often have you and a group of friends found yourself facing a wall that you couldn't get over? Although I must admit that this scenario has never happened to me (yet), there could be a time when I really needed to get over a wall. And when that time comes, I'll be more than prepared because I watched this GIF. 


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