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Rover.com Offers Free Guided City Walks With Plenty Of Pet Friendly Stops Along The Way

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    The online pet care service provider, Rover.com, has came up with the perfect treat for a fun day with your dog - Dog's Day Out, a series of free self-guided city walks that are curated for canines.

    dog tour - Dog
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    So far, Rover.com has created walks for 20 different U.S. cities including Chicago, New York City, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco and more.

    dog tour - Map - Rver Seattle Portland Boise Boston Minneapolis- St.Paul Cleveland NYC Philadelphia Pittsburgh Chicago Wash. DC San Francisco Denver Indianapolis Los Angeles San Diego Phoenix Dallas Austin Orlando
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    The routes range from under one mile to three miles and each route is sprinkled with dog-friendly stops: parks, trails, bars, restaurants and more.

    dog tour - Map - Puptown Dog Park, N Marine Dr, Chicago... a The Dock, 200 W Montrose Harbor Dr, C.. More options wCastrewoueave W Gunnison St OPuptown Dog Park W Lakeside Pl Weiss Memorial Hospital H 20 min 1 mile PTOWN Montrose Beach w Wilson Dr OWNwWilson Ave The Dock Montrose Harbor Office wMontrose Harbor ò Cricket Hill Clarendon Park Community Center Park w Sunnyside Ave Montrose Point Bird Sanct W Agatite Ave 41 W Montrose Ave Jewel-Osco W Jr Terrace Google Map data 2019 Google Terms of U

    For dog-human walking duos looking for more, Rover.com also offers a downloadable audio file for each walk. The audio provides narration for the stroll, along with additional tips. 

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    The benefits of walking your furry family member go beyond keeping them happy and healthy.

    Most dogs require at least one walk per day, however breed, age and fitness level are other factors that determine whether they need more or less activity. Routine walks reduce boredom and destructive behavior, help aid in digestion, alleviate attention-seeking behavior like whining or jumping while also building a stronger bond between dogs and humans.

    So select your city on their website, fill up your water bottle, and get ready to walk it out!


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