Twitter Shares The Things You Don't Tell Your Spouse

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    Text - That Girl Follow @whoulooknat His Fantasy Football isn't real football #ThingsYouDont TellYourSpouse
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    Face - Shettie Follow @dirtroaddiva1 I've had better. #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse DiO AD Don't ever ALL say that again. MON GIF
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    Cartoon - Diane's Casper Follow @AccountDiane #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse I hide all of my shopping purchases in the trunk until you go to bed GIF
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    Text - Dawn Follow @thoughtfloss Which piece of chicken fell on the floor. #ThingsYouDont TellYourSpouse
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    Text - Lizz- Extraordinaire Follow @lizard_lou You shrunk the kids #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse GIF
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    Face - Shettie Follow @dirtroaddiva1 My Dad was right about you. #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse GIF
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    Text - Laney Doane Follow @MrsD517 #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse I sometimes buy a bar of chocolate that I intend to share with him when he gets home from work, but I end up eating his half and I destroy the evidence by burying the wrapper deep in the trash can where he won't see it.
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    Abdomen - Gia Follow @Joyannah73 How much I hate his favorite shirt #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse
  • 9
    Text - Goose Follow @GhostVes #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse To Calm Down
  • 10
    Text - Snoop Joshy Josh Follow @JoshMarino420 You binge watched their favorite tv show without them. #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse
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  • 11
    Text - Edward J Thomas Follow @UnknownWr1 ter Like I'm answering that one #ThingsYouDont TellYourSpouse It's a trap! GIF
  • 12
    Text - Cattsyll2.01| Follow @Cattereia #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse That it was me who finished that cake GIF
  • 13
    Text - StorminNorman Follow @StorminOnNorman I have to tell her everything. It's in the contract #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse
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  • 14
    Text - Cameron Grant Follow @camerongrant101 You're not the world's best artist #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse
  • 15
    Text - Tangela Baskett @DejaCQQ99 Follow My college nickname was "Easy Louisey" #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse GIF
  • 16
    Text - James Edward Jr @jamesedwardjr Follow #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse after work I went straight home Straight THOME BAR & GRILL
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    Text - Todd Otto Follow @toddotto #ThingsYouDontTellYourSpouse Anything at 4am


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