I Can Has Cheezburger?

Guy Signed His Driving ID With Drawings Of Cats And Had To Do It 30 Times With His Mortgage Papers Too

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    In 2015 I had to renew my license and thought it would be funny to do cat heads as my signature, so I did"


    For the past 3 years I just forgot about it unless I had to show my ID and they pointed it out. They would laugh and say, "haha I can't believe they let you do that!" and I would be like, "yeah, yeah, yeah, let me in the bar now." I have always signed my name with my regular signature/scribble, not cat heads.

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    "This hasn't been a problem until today when I had to sign my mortgage papers"

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    "The signing agent looked at my ID and shook his head, he was not amused. I tried to explain that 2015 Brad never imagined he'd own a house. So the dude has to call the title company headquarters and explain the situation all while my real estate agent is laughing her ass off. I had to sign 3 cat heads over 30 times today"

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    Brad shared his story on Reddit’s TIFU Community and received over 21,000 upvotes.

    Text - FiveTicketRide 600 points 9 months ago Congrats on becoming a hoMEOWner!

    Thousands of people commented on his post and a lot of people made jokes like, "Congrats on becoming a hoMEOWner!"


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