Twitter Users Share The Things Kids These Days Can't Do

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    Technology - Lisa Champney Follow @ChampneyLisa #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo Having to wait for photos to be developed! FOTOMAT GIF
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    Technology - zero-g spot @zerogspot 5h #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo get the entire Internet on a disk ww Microsoft Surf quickly and easly with no nead for Ps The Internet On a Disc Mons and mitions of webstes on one 3 disc Take The Intemet wih you wherever you go- ts in your pocket Microsoft
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    Product - Zoey 101 Out of Context @OutofCxtZoey101 2h #ThingsTodaysKidsCant Do can't watch the golden generation of Nickelodeon N LiCar
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    Photograph - Lisa Champney@ChampneyLisa 5h #ThingsTodays KidsCant Do Having to wait at home for phone calls. GIF
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    Cartoon - Nick @JOKER_OF_JOKERS 5h #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo watch the golden age of Cartoon Network CN JOHNAT BRAVO EnEddy GIF
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    Text - boe @boe32053954 5h #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo deal with that internet dial up noise... stil haunts me sumtimes tbh AMERICA faline Connected GIF
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    Footwear - Kriste Taylor @stormysparrow 3h get tangled up in the phone cord eavesdrop on someone's phone call #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo
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    Text - Ziggy @mrjafri 6h Run around Toys R Us #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo MPER TOY RUN GIF >
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    Text - NOT comrade cora @notcomradecora 3h #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo own even a reasonable portion of the product of their own labor 238.7% 250% 1973-2014 1948-1973: Productivity: 96.7 % Hourly compensation Productivity: 72.2% Hourly compensation: 9.2% 91.3% 200 Productivity 150 109.0 % 100 Hourly compensation 50 1960 1980 2000 Note: Data are for average hourly compensation of production/nonsupervisory workers in the private sector and net productivity of the total economy. "Net productivity" is t
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    Photograph - The none and only @sportsfan926 6h Understand the Dewy Decimal System #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo GIF
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    Technology - Spanish Inquisition Luton Branch@1KennyBania 5h #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo Mend a cassette Tapes
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    Text - Acidic Blonde TM @Acidic_Blonde5h Roll down the window to get air conditioning #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo Today's kids will never know the strength you needed to get the car window down
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    Text - I'm Just Dan @DanielAshley13 6h #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo Enjoy a whole meal at McDonald's for about $2. Mcdonald's menu in 1972 POUNDER 70 60 65 48 LARGE Order Fres 33 FRENCH FRIES 28 HOT APPLE PIE 20 COFFEE 15 POUNDER BIG MAC FILET-O-FISH CHEESEBURGER HAMBURGER MILK 46 26 26 15 HOT CHOCOLATE SHAKESoo COCA COLA-ROOTBEER-ORANGEADE TRIPPLE RIPPLE ICE CREAM CONE 35 15&.20 20 WLLA COFEE
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    Text - Cheveux Blancs @8873422 6h Read or write in cursive. #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo Can yan read tms? Jni a Leginmate quesnen yau mipnt or mis mişh nor recagige it as an example 4curoin wrihiy
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    Signage - Muna@MunaNawabit1 5h #ThingsTodaysKidsCant Do own a blockbuster card or ever know the joy of going there to rent any movie or game and also get snacks from there BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO BLOCKBUSTER MENBERSHIP CARD BLO BLOCKBUSTER MEMBER www.Blockbustoroom
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    Text - @KEEMSTAR 10m KEEM #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo Last longer than 5mins in these lobbies. aomission: 7 GROUND WAR SORE 70 2510 63 2370 23 70 2220 35 2070 20 1990 70 1900 DC2 LocK Shamz CREATE A CLASS hew Klaaji [ARaw CLRK [RAGE]PureKon RicT CALLSIGN & KILLSTREAKS BARRACKS mow INVITE izillah (3arc RETRDED PANDA bRaw Revs 4 VOTE TO SKIP 70 1730 Create your own custom classes. RHMGHOST LEAD93 Y52 1570 RHMFoarsomoGUN NUT70 1330 4 4 RHM)shawnysoul96 Skidrow 20 1320 to skip RHMXrApidzNuKelX 47 1300 e
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    Motor vehicle - @Sckswithsandals 4h Michael Ride in the back of a truck #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo e Oak F 0 A D
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    Text - the Amazon Rainforest is on fire @Fretful_Mess 6h Dramatically slam down a landline phone #ThingsTodaysKidsCant Do GIF
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    Telephone - Roe Loves Sad Country Songs @RoeGhost 5h #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo Figure out how to use this... JKL GHI c Speake
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    Text - Jeff Dwoskin Hashtag Roundup Follow @bigmacher #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo Complain about not being able to do a school report because the Encylopedia is being used by someone else


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