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The Very Best GIFs From The Past Week (15 GIFs)

  • This guy doing a naturo run behind a reporter at the Storm Area 51 event might be the best thing to come out of it...

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  • Unless you haven't seen this swarm of naturo runners. 

  • This leaf didn't see what was coming for it. 

  • You couldn't hand pick cooler people for a fistbump than this one between Greta Thunberg and Barack Obama.

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  • It turns out that the 'don't talk to strangers' rule applies to animals, too. 

  • If they don't let you into the nightclub, start your own one outside!

  • Not something you see every day...

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  • And now for the finishing touch.

  • Seamless recovery.

  • So this is how sharpeners work. 

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  • Bowling in a skate park seems way more fun than normal bowling. 

  • Winter in Chicago is magical. 

  • That aim though.

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  • Rare footage of how Spiderman was actually created. 

  • Kitty: 1 Human: 0 


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