Twelve Awesome GIFs From This Week

  • A sign language interpreter at a Lamb of God concert rocking it out. From watching this GIF, it's safe to assume that the tone of voice comes through in sign language. She's really screaming it out! 

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  • What on earth are they doing, you ask? This race car has crashed and an invisible methanol fire has broken out. Methanol is a biofuel, and when it burns, it doesn't have the yellow color that fires usually have and there's no smoke. It's literally invisible, and to make it worse, it's way hotter than average fires. Now you understand why they're all running away. 

  • This mechanical robot jellyfish is amazing. The engineers have perfected the natural movement of the jellyfish, making it appear as if it's underwater. Just wow. 

  • Volcanic lightning usually happens at the beginning of a volcanic eruption, caused by the electrical discharge created by volcano erupting. 

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  • A Go Pro on a toy car - it goes to show how perception changes everything! 

  • That's a LOT of koi fish. 

  • This little girl's dad is a visual effects artist, and there's no doubt that he's had fun with this one. 

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  • Ever wondered what it's like to jump onto a trampoline covered in ice? Well now you know!

  • When you stop to think about it, it's pretty amazing that snakes can climb up walls without the assistance of sticky pads (like what geckos have on their feet). But how do they do it? Firstly, they can't climb up smooth walls. They need rough walls (like the one this reticulated python is climbing up) to grip the surface. Snakes push and pull themselves up walls, like you can see this one doing. Pretty cool, right? 

  • What better way to spend an afternoon than playing Jenga with your cat?

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  • This is the new generation of Snake, and all it takes is a bookcase, some LED lights and a computer program. 

  • If that shark was hungry, this video could have ended very differently...


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