These Hilarious One-Star Amazon Reviews Prove That Even Literary Classics Aren't Immune to Criticism

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    Harry Potter

    Text - J. K. Rowling is STINK!!! By Maxlester Tumbu on 23 April 2005 Format: Paperback Do you all know what I'm talking about? This page is DULL. She never had such a good creativity. All about learning magic like in normal school, same Great Hall, same sorting Hat in every book. Doesn't this keep you al boring, even no epic adventure in there. Not like in the Lord of the Rings, Tolkien has the real creativity than Rowling. Tolkien's book isn't a dull, there much adventure with Frodo Baggins and
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    We All Already Knew Jane Eyre Would Be Boring, Right?

    Text - ZazzzZzzalz By Sin on 28 October 2011 Format Paperback Verified Purchase There's only one word to sum up this 'classic, and that is BORING! I personally still don't understand why this is hailed as such a great classic Iloved Wuthering Hoights so thought that Jane Eyre would be a great read given the hype. How wrong was 1? Jane Eyre really did FAIL big time and is seriously overrated What a load of tripe By Chloe M. Tomlinson on 13 February 2011 Format: Paperback I absolutely loved Wuther
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    Lord of the Flies

    Text - One Star By Listener 47 on 24 April 2016 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase Bad Was this review helpful to you?Yes Report abuse Comment No the let down of the millenium By Mr. L. Wright on 6 February 2007 Format: Paperback answer me this- can you read a book where the author describes a twig for 5 pages???if no dont bother .if the answer is yes then enjoy. to me utterly awful leaving a truley bitter taste in my mouth 4 comments 6 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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    1984? More Like Nineteen Eighty BORE... or Something

    Text - my rabbit could have written a better By Darren on 4 March 2015 Format: Kindle Edition load of rubbish... my rabbit could have written a better book iwas acceptable in the 80s By Englishbob on 27 June 2015 Format: Paperback Although only 10 at the time this beears no resemblance to the heady days of Brookside and Culture Club. Orwell propagates more Tory propoganda insisting we remember how bad things were under the labour govermment when it was actually the conservatives in power at the


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