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Cats That Are Keeping Our Streets Safe As Brave Police Crime Fighters

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    Lemon, The theraphy cat


    Lemon, a former stray, now works for the Kyoto Police Department in Japan. When he's on duty, Lemon wears a police uniform and helps boost morale at the office. His primary responsibility is to visit the elderly with his owner and give cuddles while they're trained on the hazards of fraudulent phone calls. Lemon is great at keeping these folks calm and relaxed.

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    Police officer Mozes

    Whiskers - LOGREG

    If you haven't had a chance to check out the official Instagram of the Reykjavík Metropolitan Police Department, you're truly missing out on images of the cutest police animals in the world. Take Moses, for example—the happy police cat in training who occasionally snags a front seat on patrols.

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    Pawfficer Donut


    Sworn into the Troy Police Department in Michigan last May, Pawfficer Donut, a tiny tabby, was brought on to boost morale at the station and help raise money for the Michigan Humane Society. And while that might seem like a lot of responsibility for such a little guy, this adorable cat proves that the tough feline is up for the job.

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    Snickers, the police cat


    Around the world, Snickers the Police Cat was a feline celebrity. As a member of the Whangaparaoa Police Department in New Zealand, Snickers was a devoted cuddler and a local legend. And, though he passed away last year at just three years old, his presence in the police force is still remembered, as shown on his popular Instagram page.

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    Tizer the police cat


    Tizer was a rescue cat who's owner had died. When an Inspector with the local police department saw him, he decided that Tizer was fit for active duty. His original plan was to turn the cat loose around the station to help keep the population of mice under control. What he didn't realize was that Tizer would end up offering a tremendous amount of stress relief for the officers and other staff members. The cat loved to play fetch and other games, and he truly enjoyed playing with his pet spider. The officers had a ball playing with the cat whenever they could find time. He became the therapy cat for the department, plus he was a good mouser to boot.

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    The Swat cat of Boston police


    The Boston Police Department has a team mascot for their Roxbury SWAT base. The cat is their team mascot. They are so fond of the cat that they have installed a new "kitty condo" to make its job more comfortable. The cat is an integral part of the team because the SWAT team depends on it to work as a therapy cat to relieve stress and take some of the pressures of the day off their shoulders. Cats have a remarkable way of entertaining and soothing people who are experiencing anxiety. SWAT officers face potentially deadly situations on a regular basis and it's nice to have a warm and furry distraction.


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