Jaw-Dropping Harry Potter-Themed Bedroom On A Barista Budget

The stars are the limit for this creative barista! 

Heads up, Harry Potter die-hard fans! You'll be wanting a pen and notebook, to take down some serious notes because we all know you'll want need to copy this look! 

Meet Brian Thompson, from Thousand Oaks, CA, and House Gryffindor, who has turned his bedroom into the most magical and creative Harry Potter-themed room we've ever seen -- all on a barista's budget! This transfigured bedroom looks like the authentic movie set that could easily be at Universal Studios.

Blog  acquired details on the inspiration, and entire process behind of this exquisite project.

Read on to left inspired and in awe. 

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    Thompson shares the inspiration behind creating such a time-consuming project:

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    "I remember the feeling I got when I first walked through the interior of Hogwarts in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios," says Thompson. "It left me baffled, mesmerized, and inspired. How could human beings construct something so grand… so complex and aesthetically perfect? 

    All based on the inspiration of a world created within the mind of one person (JK Rowling). The process of bringing a vision into reality is what fuels my inspiration. On a (much) smaller scale, I knew I had to bring everything I possibly could into the only space of my own that I had. My bedroom. On a barista budget, I knew it would be a challenge, but that only fueled me more."

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    It took Thompson 18 months to complete what he has just shared with the world:

    Fireplace - తాన్తా
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    And on a barista's budget, it was crucial that the materials for the project be "as cheaply as possible, but strong enough to last for a lifetime with the least amount of maintenance and repairs," said Thompson.  

    "ALL of my furniture is from the Goodwill or other local thrift stores. Each red chair in my room was about six bucks! The black display case was FIVE bucks! I must have made over 100 trips to thrift stores over 18 months to find everything I have. But every single time, I walked every aisle twice…making sure I didn't miss the potential in something that could have given more life to my vision. It's important to stay open and be confident in your resourcefulness."

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    With insulation foam boards cuts to create the brick walls, and chicken wired fence structured trees, Thompson managed to create this gorgeous illusion of Hogwarts.

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    "Everything…EVERYTHING is covered in a thin layer of caulking so I could protect and paint it all easily. The trees have a chicken wire fence structure that I covered in 'Great Stuff' insulation foam (cheap and goes a long way)."

    As written in the blog, Thompson is still working on making the trees more realistic but is currently happy with their present state. 

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    What about that elaborate ceiling? There has been nonstop questions and comments on how this look was achieved.

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    Thompson's favorite design of the room -- the ceiling.

    "I found the perfect LED string lights on Amazon and ordered about eight strands (they each had 100 lights). I painted the wires black, painted my ceiling black, then used a staple gun to sporadically distribute them throughout the 'sky'."

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    And because the stars were difficult to see, Thompson used 'light puffs' of white and grey spray paint to add some clouds.

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    “The perimeter of the top of the walls are lined with door mirrors from Home Depot (five bucks each) to give the sky a bit of an ‘infinity’ effect that reaches beyond the castle walls."

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    Resulting in this dreamy landscape. Of course, a Hogwarts-inspired ceiling isn't complete without the floating candles!

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    "The chandelier is from (you guessed it) the thrift store. I painted it gold and hung it with chains that I painted black to make it look like it was floating. The floating candles are very light and were hung by fishing line." 

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    How much did all of this incredible detailed-themed room cost the talented Thompson?

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    "I went as far as I could possibly go, and then did all the things I could do for free until my next paycheck." Thompson estimates the total cost of the room to be around $1,500. 

    "The benefit of being on such a budget is it forces you to the extent of your creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness," he says. "I found it a healthy challenge to get through."

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    Never give up. Thompson shares some inspiring words with others who feel they'll never accomplish their vision:

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    "There were times I felt like giving up…I felt like I took on more than I had the ability to do. But I would see a movie, hear a song, get affirmation from a friend…that gave me a tiny spark of motivation that was strong enough to light the fire again. 

    In the end, I knew I HAD to finish it in time for Halloween so I could show my friends who knew I was working on it. Necessity is a huge motivator, I've learned. Don't give yourself the option to fall short, and you won't.

    I'm not an artist. I'm not an interior designer. I'm not an engineer or a painter. I didn't go to school or work for a studio. I don't have unlimited funds or all the time in the world. I'm a barista with a normal family, I have a normal IQ and got average grades in high school. 

    For me, it's not so much about the end result. It's about the challenge that's in front of you in the moment and the person you make yourself to be in order to complete that challenge. I apply the same mentality to figuring out how to make a night sky as I do to making myself get up in the morning to go to work. I don't give myself the option, or I wouldn't have a job!"

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    And when asked what JK Rowling would think of all his hard work...

    Building - TS
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    "I suppose by now, JK Rowling would be used to seeing such amazing artistic interpretations of the world she has created. However, over the night sky, the hundreds of foam bricks, and forest trees, I would hope that she would see how real magic actually is. 

    That her countless days of pouring her vivid imagination onto pages in a coffee shop would one day turn into the inspiration for others to follow their own dreams. If she saw it the way I do, I think she'd believe in magic, too."

    Beautifully said! 

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    What's next for this creative barista?

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    Thompson says that his ultimate dream is to be a Disney Imagineer. "I've wanted to be one since I heard the word 'Imagineer' when I was about 10. I'm also passionate about roller coasters and would love to create an experience for people that would have them lining up for miles. My passion is ambience, inspiration…a deep sense of wonder. I'd love to just wake up each morning, contributing a little more to a vision that will make people feel the way I do when I ride my favorite rides, or watch my favorite movies."

    You hear that Disney? Get moving and hire this talented man! 

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    The original post that has since gone viral:

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