Millennial Takes Baby Boomer To School With The Facts

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    Property - shared Jimmy Rat's post 3 hrs ARMEDFORCES RECRUITING Jimmy Rat February 18 at 1:29pm Hey guys, this is the government office where you can apply for your free college They'll even give you on the job training, work clothes, a free place to live and three hot meals a day all with the additional potential of international travel to Iraq &/or Afghanistan. Oh, you don't like "free stuff anymore? Like Comment Share 3 people like this
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    Text - I'm sorry, but the whole "join the military if you want free education" thing is bs. You shouldn't have to go through severe physical and psychological reconditioning, risk your life, or sign up for a war that you are morally opposed to in order to get an affordable education. Honestly most people fighting for "free" education aren't even asking for "free" education, they're asking for AFFORDABLE education, you know, like the generation before ours had, before the politicians they voted i
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    Text - Minimum wage, 1970, adjusted for inflation to 2014: $8.85 This is what we're given to work with and we're called lazy and entitled when we call foul. Know why this is what we have to work with? Because YOUR generation and the generation before it decided THEY wanted to go to school for "free", or rather on the government's dime, until they graduated and got a job to pay them back with reasonable interest rates. Great plan right? Wrong Because that gave the schools free reign to jack their


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