Emotional Reunion Between Truck Driver And His Cat (Video)

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Matthew B. and his cat, Ashes, often traveled together travel together in the comfort of his 18-wheeler. Then, one unfortunately truck stop in Ohio, Ashes accidentally slipped out of the truck, got spooked and ran for the brush. 

Matthew was devastated. He searched and searched for Ashes with no luck. He had to continue forth on his route but Matthew re-arranged his routes over the next few months so he could return to that same truck spot and search for Ashes. 

Unbeknownst to Matthew at that time, Ashes was found by a women, Kimberly T., who had been moving from the West Coast to New York. She made a pit stop at the very small truck stop and noticed a thin gray cat emerging from the brush. It was 13 degrees outside and Kimberly told Lollypop, "He was trying to not put his feet down on the ground, it was so cold." 

She decided to take Ashes (who she funnily enough named "Smokey") with her to New York and to the Lollypop Farm.

The Lollypop Farm scanned for a microchip and discovered his owner had him registered under a Texas address that was over 1,465 miles away!

Matthew was finally reunited with Ashes. 

Another story that is the perfect reminder on how important it is to get your beloved pets micro-chipped. 

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