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People Show Animals They Regret Spoiling So Much When They Were Younger


It is extremely hard to set ground rules when you're dealing with an adorable fluffy fella. How does one look into the eyes of a perfectly adorable chinchilla and insist they eat something specific.


We suppose it's probably difficult to do the same with children, but something about dealing with pets makes it feel even more difficult. Especially when they give you those eyes, yep, you must know the eyes we're talking about.


On Tiktok @goatdaddys posted a video prompting people to show an animal they spoiled way too much. And of course, he offers a very strong example. His username may be ‘Goat Daddy;' but the animal he feels he spoiled way too much when he was younger is this very clingy cow.


The Clingy Cow


That cow was not ready to get Goat Daddy leave. He only really had one thought in mind it seems, and that was CHARGE.


It was clear many people related to the experience of dealing with a spoiled pet. There were plenty of stitches that matched this exact energy.


The ‘Visbly Offended’ Chinchilla


This little buddy seems visibly offended ant the flower his human gave him. How dare they expect him to appreciate such a minute gift? Think bigger next time human, so as not to embarrass yourself.



Fred the spoiled cat


Listen, we would have  hard time not spoiling Fred as well, but you ought to do your best.


The full-grown baby dog


It's honestly hard to try to understand how people stop treating their dogs like babies. Is it smart to let them think they can fit anywhere whenever? Who knows? Look at that face!


This sugar glider that loves to bite


This lucky puppy


If anybody has any tips on how to discipline your animals while making sure they know you love them very very much? Seems like a lot of us could use that exact advice.


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