"Architects For Animals" Organization Builds Creative Outdoor Shelters As An Awareness Raising Initiative

Architects for Animals® "Giving Shelter" is a blessed awareness-raising initiative. 

The organization hires architectural and design firms, as well as individual architects and designers, who design and build creative outdoor shelters for stray animals. Every year, on their annual event, these shelters are put on display to the public and are then donated to organizations who work with needy animals. This innovative event is being attended every year by over 300 guests, cat-loving celebs and media representatives. Check out some of the remarkable designs that were on display in the last event held two months ago. 

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    Abramson Architects CatCube: Meowdular Dwelling Unit


    The CatCube is modular system that allows flexibility in the dwellings configurations, letting the user determine the number and type of modules that best suits their cat needs. Each module is lined on the interior with felt and features a colored linoleum on the exterior to create a cozy interior for the cats but a fun, colorful exterior that is also durable.

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    Legs House is a prototype for feline urban dwelling that utilizes Kebony wood, a sustainable alternative to Brazilian Walnut, to create a vertical house expressive of both wild and domestic sensibilities. The CNC machined Kebony slats vary in shape and provide protection from weather while allowing air to circulate through the house naturally.

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    Perkins & Will Clawed Purrent; Function of the Oblique 9


    In a parallel universe where cats rule the Earth, French architect Clawed Purrent revolutionized 20th-century space making. Clawed's investigation of the Oblique Function, which emphasizes sloped surfaces, bought contemporary architecture into the purred dimension.

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    Tracy A. Stone Architect


    Inspired by the simplicity of a tent's rainfly, this entry wanted to create a playful structure that uses tent technology and simple materials. A custom tent pole suspends the rain fly over the platform to create a refuge from the rain and other elements.

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    This modular system functions as a playful maze and a peaceful resting zone for our purring friends. The concave dips on the exterior serve as an additional resting area and as a seat for human to relax and interact with cats who are looking for affection.

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    Sneaky Drawers is a collection of three staggered wood drawers encased in a concrete shell. The shell is diagonally cut and hinged to provide the flexibility of open and closed environments within the drawers and its negative spaces.

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    Standard Architecture | Design THE CAT POD


    The CAT POD was developed as part of a multi-use, modular building concept. Each module is a prefabricated, vaulted, concrete shell that can be infilled with wood or other construction. For the CAT POD, FSC certified Teak was reclaimed from flooring samples, and used for the infill. The Teak is fitted to the concrete shell to form a sheltered enclosure with a door.

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    Stantec The Rise of SkyWhisker


    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Luke SkyWhisker has returned from meowterspace to his home planet of Catofeline in an attempt to rescue his friend Fang Solo from the clutches of the slobbering gangster Jabba the Mutt. Little does SkyWhisker know, the GALACTIC DOGPIRE, led by Darth Mitten's head of the Dog Side, has secretly begun construction on a new armored space ball even more powerful than the first dreaded Death Claws. 

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    WORD Design and Architecture


    The 'Cat-esian Joint' is a riff on the very simple cartesian joint, and features three felt-lined tubes that are interlocked and provide a climbing surface and shelter akin to the hollow of a tree.

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