Guy's Skyrim Story Is An Emotional Rollercoaster

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    Text - Patrick Lenton Follow @PatrickLenton worst part of Skyrim was when I found that dog whose owner died in a cabin, and then I of course had to adopt the dog bc i'm not a monster RETWEETS LIKES 24 103 8:34 PM -4 Apr 2016
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    Text - Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton and I fucking love this dog, but i'm wondering around trying to solve quests and save the world and junk, but this good dog 16 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton - 5h @PatrickLenton this good dog always tries to help out fighting giants and dragons, and it's like 'NO DON'T HURT MY DOG' 19 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton - 5h @PatrickLenton and i have to fight like 300% harder to save my dog from being eaten by a dragon and i've honestly never been
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    Text - Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton but then I can't adopt a child any more because they are free! So I wander Skyrim looking for a parent-free child somewhere 24 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton and I don't even like children 24 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton and then finally I find some girl begging in Whiterun, and she's all like 'thanks Mum!" (I play a lady cat-wizard) 26 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton - 5h @PatrickLenton and then I discover
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    Text - Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton and my dog is STILL following me around STILL nearly dying in every fight, and I'm just a tense, scared motherfucker 25 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton - 5h @PatrickLenton anyway, then i meet another goddamn dog on the road, but it's a fucking demon dog, and it comes with me too 24 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton and it's like - months have passed by in the game, the world is being invaded by dragons, and I'm just focused on re
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    Text - Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton - 5h @PatrickLenton and I walk into the house, with my goddamn dog, waiting for her to adopt my dog so I can go save the world 22 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton and she's ADOPTED A FUCKING RAT 40 View other replies Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton THERE IS THIS GORGEOUS, BRAVE DOG WHO JUST WANTS TO SETTLE DOWN IN FRONT OF A HEARTH 25 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton AND SHE'S FLOUNCING AROUND WITH A GIANT RAT 29
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    Text - Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton and it's like - do we have a polyamorous relationship and are raising our homeless daughter and her rat? bc that's cool 36 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton so I'm like 'Tll go and find a brother for my new daughter' and he can adopt the dog. Hopefully. 19 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton and it works out - the boy wants my dog, my dog likes the boy, everything is fine, the dog has been successfully adopted. 31 P
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    Text - Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton my theory was that I could shout him into the lake? anyway, I misjudged and shouted him into the necromancer circle t3 10 27 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton and he died V 24 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton and my wife saw me kill him, and attacked me, and I didn't want to kill her, so i ran away t7 10 22 Patrick Lenton @PatrickLenton 5h @PatrickLenton so I just never went back to my house, but even though 1 de


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