What On Earth: Twenty Historical Facts

  • 1

    Although he wasn’t even an Israeli citizen, he was offered their Presidency in 1952. He turned down the position citing his lack of experience.

    Text - Albert Einstein declined the Presidency of Israel.
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  • 2

    Women also purchased gladiator sweat and blood as cosmetics.

    Photo caption - Ancient gladiators had their own action figures.
  • 3
    Cartoon - At least six American 'First Ladies' were descended from Pocahontas.
  • 4
    Pope - At least 3popes were elected while still in their 20s.
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  • 5

    Not only did he lose, he came in 20th!

    Music artist - Charlie Chaplin once lost his own look-a-like competition.
  • 6

    Not only did he claim to see mermaids, he also claimed that they weren’t nearly as beautiful as other’s had claimed and had masculine faces.

    Text - COLVM DRANTIPODV M.PRIMVS ORBEM LATEONL PENEER ANELIN Christopher Columbus claimed to have seen mermaids.
  • 7

    Though Cleopatra has been widely portrayed as a timeless beauty, perhaps most famously by Elizabeth Taylor, many historians believe this to be inaccurate. Coins depicting her unflattering and ancient writer Plutarch claimed her beauty was nothing specia

    Hair - Cleopatra wasn't the dime Elizabeth Taylor made her out to be.
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  • 8

    Vote now for your favorite cat meme of the decade!

  • 9

    The honey-coated servants kept the annoying bugs away from the Pharaohs.

    Cool - Egyptian pharaohs would smear their naked servants in honey to attract flies.
  • 10

    After losing his leg in a battle against French forces, Santa Anna held a lavish funeral parading the leg about in a carriage. American soldiers would later celebrate similarly when they captured his prosthetic.

    Photo caption - Mexican General Santa Anna had a funeral for his leg.
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  • 11
    People - Genghis Khan created one of the first postal systems.
  • 12
    Landmark - George Washington could crush walnuts with his bare hands.
  • 13

    Swedish parliament member, E.G.C. Brandt nominated Hitler for the award in 1939–though it may have been a joke. Haha? Mussolini was nominated four years earlier, in 1935 by professors from Germany and France.

    Adaptation - Hitler and Mussolini were both nominated for Nobel peace Prizes.
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  • 14
    Hat - Jeanette Rankin was appointed to Congress before woments suffrage passed.
  • 15

    Napoleon had ordered his men to round up some 3000+ rabbits only to have the rabbits turn in the pint-sized sour puss and charge. This was known as the Battle of Little Peter Cottontail.

    Cap - Napoleon Bonaparte was once attacked by bunnies.
  • 16

    The first major American motion pictures were created in New Jersey–including many early silent films like The Great Train Robbery.

    Music - New Jersey is the birthplace of American cinema, not Hollywood.
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  • 17
    Text - President Abraham Lincoln was an accomplished wrestling champion.
  • 18
    Rugby league - President Gerald Ford was a model as a young man.
  • 19

    In 1979 after Rev. Jacob Yasso congratulated Hussein in his presidency, Hussein donated hundreds of thousands in other people’s money to the Detroit church. This led to the city awarding him the key.

    Facial expression - Saddam Husssein was once awarded the key to the city of Detroit.
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  • 20
    Font - The Olympics used to award medals in art.
  • 21

    During WWII the US was worried Hitler might try to flee, so they commissioned Eddie Senz to produce photos of Hitler in various disguises.

    Jungle - U.S. intelligence officials commissioned mockups of Hitler in possible disguises.


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