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Madlad Demonstrating His 'iPhone Quick-Draw System' Is the Stuff YouTube Was Made for

A little slice of classic YouTube
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Woman Disclose The Cringiest Texts They've Received|

Women Disclose The Cringiest Texts They've Been Sent

Thank god for the ability to ghost people
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Live tweet story of millennials breaking up, dropping phone in the toilet, cringe. | Trevor S. Valle Follow @tattoosandbones THREAD just overheard one most Millennial breakups, ever. Scene apartment across alley our windows face) Intro: High-pitched voice screaming horror movie scream can only only be described as "blood curdling" Young woman S WRONG

Dude Live Tweets Millennial Cheating Saga To Hilarious Results

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video of kiwi the parakeet activating and talking to Siri - thumbnail of kiwi laying on iphone

Parakeet Activates Siri On The iPhone (Video)

"Hey Siri, tell me about chicken"
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Beautiful Failure

Funny meme about iphone x camera | i took these with my iphone x. camera quality so surreal it's like Leonardo Dicaprio painted them
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Lies I Tell Myself

Funny meme that reads, "Shh baby...I'm not gonna treat you like the others" above a photo of three phones with cracked screens next to a new phone without a cracked screen
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Aw Damn

Funny comic about trying to take a picture of the moon with a phone | wow look at that moon! i'm gonna take a picture!
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Choosing beggar tries to guilt trip a seller over an iPhone.

Choosing Beggar Attempts Guilt Trip Over iPhone

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Funny screenshot of a text conversation where someone says, "I still love you. I never stopped," and the second person replies, "I can't imagine a worse occasion to have to ask this but um who is this"
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Parents, Why Are You Like This

Funny meme that reads, "Parents: buys child a phone; child: uses phone; parents: ..." above an image of Drake yelling
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funny iphone tweets

These Tweets Are For Anyone Who Is Obsessed With Their iPhone

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The Future Is Bright

Funny meme about when iphones become 50 inches and you send an eggplant emoji, picture of ryan gosling bathed in purple light in blade runner 2049
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Funny memes making fun of the new iPhone 11

Fresh 'N' Funny iPhone 11 Memes Full Of Mockery

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pets portraits on new iphone

Attention, Pet Owners: Portrait Mode For Pets Is Officially a Thing On The New iPhone Devices

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Funny memes and reactions to iphone 11 release, multi-lens camera.

Best Memes & Reactions To Apple's iPhone 11 Release (21 Tweets)

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memes about apple and their iphone product and some common meme themes about them

We've Collected The Funniest Memes and Tweets Following Apple’s New iPhone X Launch

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